The Willems Story::

The Willem Family is a LOVED family in the community- Michael and Jillian have been married for 16 years and together they have 6 children. 

Two April’s ago… Jillian was diagnosed with stage 3c colon cancer- they did surgery to remove the tumor and she started chemo the next week.  Over the next 6 months Jillian went in for a chemo infusion every other week, sitting for 3 hours for infusion, then they would hook her up to a pump to bring home so the chemo could continue to run for another 48 hours, by day 3 a nurse would go to their house and unhook the chemo… Jillian was cancer-free after all those treatments.  

To their surprise they were being blessed with another baby,  all the while Jillian would continue to fight for her life, and now the baby's life… They went in for her standard 3-month check-up in February and the labs indicated the cancer was back.  The very next day they did scans and found NOTHING.... the Willem Family was scared but excited..the month of March came and went, early April Jillian went in for some pain that she had been having in her liver area- not thinking much about it- they did an ultrasound and a blood draw.  They received a message from the doctor the next day that the cancer number had gone up again and they wanted to do another mri. They went in for more scans and the doctor contacted them saying the cancer was in her liver, not just one or two spots, but dozens...  

They decided to go to Mayo for further treatment and throughout the pregnancy… Sweet baby Sadie was born a HEALTHY and happy preemie baby- completely loved by all. Jillian is still in good spirits, but we need a miracle for her and their family. 
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